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A few words from the director



This story has no frontier.

It could equally take place in France, in England, in the United States or in Italy.

Animal distress and suffering (and in particular animal detention in laboratories) are systematically hidden, dissimulated or denied. The main object of this film is to inform the most people possible, whatever their age, their social background, their religion or their a priori.

I’ve often been asked: why not produce a documentary with impact pictures as chocking and as strong as in Alinéa 3?(my previous film against bullfighting) My answer is obvious: a fiction has a different impact, because one can identify with the characters. Fiction also enables us to get around some obstacles, because although it was popularized through the media, Alinéa 3 was also censured and boycotted by television and festivals. By telling a story, based on true facts and enriched with a little archive material, I hope to interest a different kind of public. Furthermore, in this story the characters are from very different social backgrounds, therefore some of their ways of being or doing might seem familiar to people depending on their own history, in which case they might understand how the characters were led to have this one and unique goal: animal liberation.

These people are like you and me, they all live for love, despite all the obstacles there can be, and sometimes overwhelmed by their fears they are trying to escape from.
But they have this capacity of rebellion against a corrupted system that exploits the weak. All this injustice they feel leads them to make choices, and the consequences of these choices will be crucial for their lives. But also justifiable.

My choice of the title for this film is simple: A.L.F. (Animal Liberation Front).

Some people tried to convince me not to use this title, thinking my film would be seen as an eco-terrorist one. In my point of view it’s totally the contrary, since ALF is the subject of my film. One must call a spade a spade, don’t you think? And a tortured dog in a lab, an unacceptable act.

Furthermore, a provocative title can be useful.

The ALF has nearly always been described as negative, considered radical and extremely violent, when in fact most of the activists are pacifists and the only thing they do is to deliver from the horror some of the millions of tortured animals.

With fiction the audience sensitivity is recalled, the audience is active, feels what the characters feel, understanding their points of view.

Fiction can be an attempt to re-establish a truth.

Jérôme Lescure (director)






A few words from the producer



Jérôme Lescure, the director, will have plenty of time to explain his artistic views about the movie...

I just wanted to share my feelings as a producer...

When Jérôme told me about his project, I thought to myself that I should take some time to think about it before giving my answer... That time was quite short actually : I received a dark, subtle script, that wasn't ideological in any way...

I won't spoil the story, I'd like to speak about this movie's theme that is very particular...

Indeed, many movies are made about what animals have to endure nowadays, and most of the time, these movies are centered on the pain inflicted to animals (I'd quote for example, the famous and deeply distressing Earthlings, by Shaun Monson).

However, only a few movies, at this time, have been dedicated to the women and men who, behind the stage, act to change the animal's fate...

Based on real facts, A.L.F. depicts activists for what they are : humans, like everybody, with their fears and doubts... Humans who fight for their convictions, even though it implies to face society...

If I agreed to produce this movie, it's because it will allow people to understand that to care for animals is a very common feeling, and not something you can find only in an extremist's mind...

While we were talking about it (as "we", I mean the whole crew : people who accepted to work for free and to eat vegetarian food while on set), we found it more subtle to show without forcing to accept a point of view, that anyone can feel concerned about it. We didn't want to use, once again, a brutal approach, showing tortured animals that everyone can already see on youtube...

I was very happy to shoot A.L.F., despite a chaotic production... Jérôme dedicated his life to that kind of activism, and directed movies to share his ideas about it... This movie is, in my opinion, one of the cornerstones of his art.

Gauthier Lamothe (producer)

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