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Franck Kovick


A drama teacher in his public life, Franck Kovick is also an activist, who is sensitive to the pain inflicted to animals slaughtered industrially, with unparalleled proportions in mankind's history. Well organized and meticulous, he will however be placed in custody, without being able to understand what mistake could have led him there.


Considering the dog's freedom even more valuable that his own, he knows he will have to hold on against captain Chartier, so that the police cannote find these dogs.

Franck is ready to fight the law to serve his cause


Franck's part is played by Alexandre Laigner, who has already earned several awards in festival for his part.




Sarah is a journalist following, with Franck's agreement, the A.L.F.'s member, during their action. Beyond the article she's writing, her whole life will be deeply transformed by these events.

Touched by the love she felt in that group, by the determination that overrides fear and doubt, she will feel terribly depressed by Franck's custody


Sarah has been played by Alice Pehlivanyan, who received the "Cannes 2012 talent" award

Olivier Chartier


Very cynical man, captain Chartier's mind is always stretched by the respect he can feel towards Franck, that very special suspect, and his mission, in which he finds a way to forget his own torments...

Surprised by this very special man sitting in front of him, he beholds, at the other side of his desk, something he had lost for a long time : hope...


Captain Chartier has been played by Jean-Pierre Loustau





Very dedicated vet, Emma brings a significant support to the team, because of her skills, and her job, that allow her to get the required equipment.

Very demanding with herself, she urges her fellow activists to show the same rigour



Emma has been played by Dorothée Brière-Méritte




A Boxer at the end of his carreer, Yann tries to take care of his sick mother. His determination is flawless


Tough and silent character, he's also a brilliant tactician and a key-member of Franck's team


Yann has been played by Stéphane Rouabah



A very sensitive tapestry-artist, Solenne relies on her husband, Marco, to stay strong before the operation

She is constantly preoccupied by the fate of the animals she will save. To quoter her own words :


"it's not about me that I'm worried"


Solenne has been played by Ophélie Koering



A young lady who totally shows her conviction, even in front of her family, Chloe is attending an Animal Liberation Front operation for the first time


Invited by Franck, her drama teacher, to free dogs from a laboratory's warehouse, Chloe is a very sensitive person. Her youth, however, brings doubts to some of her fellow activists


Chloe has been played by Lucie Rébéré




Solenne's husband, Marco tries to keep displaying a very calm attitude, but feels very scared and concerned by the operation.


Marco has been played by Maxime Lecluyse

Lieutenant Belvaux


Chartier's second in command


A quite binary man, opportunist, who does his job without questionning it too much

He doesn't feel sensitive at all to Franck's motivation, only interested in solving this case    


Belvaux has been played by Laurent Jumeaucourt




Sarah's boyfriend


He will quickly feel lost while facing this situation : Sarah is cold, refuses almost any form of communication, and even seems to avoid him...


Lionel has been played by Patrick Mimoun


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