A.L.F. a Gomme Films / Minotaure Films production
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News paper


July 2011 : Pro-Anima


A.L.F. is mentionned by Pro Anima, a french association




January 2011 : le Télégramme


An interview mentionning Jérôme Lescure and A.L.F.




January 2011 : Animaux en péril (n°26)


8 pages dedicated to A.L.F. and its director, Jérôme Lescure, by Belgian association Animaux en Péril.




December 2010 : regard animal (n°2)


Interview of Jérôme Lescure.




March 2010 : Le Bonbon (n°4)


French magasine Le Bonbon interviewed Patrick Mimoun who talked about A.L.F. in his interview, at page 11.




January 2010 : Charlie Hebdo (n°916)


An article by french journalist Luce Lapin, from Charlie Hebdo, A.L.F. and Jérôme Lescure




October 2009 : Charlie Hebdo (page 1 - page 2)


Two pages in Charlie Hebdo, about A.L.F.




October 2009 : la Réforme


A news about members of the A.L.F. and a coming-soon movie about them :)


ALF the movie