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A drama teacher, his pupil, an artistic couple, a boxer, a vet.  These seemingly ordinary people have one thing extraordinary in common.  Together they share one goal:  to eradicate animal abuse.  To that end they all subscribe to the credo of The Animal Liberation Front, and they are prepared to do whatever they must to stop the continuing horror of animal abuse and torture.

On Christmas Eve, under the cover of darkness, the group raids a laboratory which uses animals for testing.  Together they break into the lab and free the dogs kept there.

The following day, Franck, the drama teacher, finds himself in police custody for questioning.  The officer in charge, Olivier Chartier, has had a bad night himself.  Accustomed to dealing with hardened criminals, Chartier find himself in a dilemma with this case:  questioning someone with no criminal record for a crime that he himself believes was a heroic act.  Someone has tipped off the police and has named Franck as the perpetrator of the previous night’s theft.

But Franck isn’t talking, and although Captain Chartier begs him to confess and name the others, he maintains his silence.  Chartier explains that if he talks he will have minimal jail time.  If not, he will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Franck, unfazed, silently wonders who might have betrayed him…


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