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The art director

Jordi Avalos


Jordi Avalos is a film addict who, while 4 years old, decided to become a director, after having seen E.T. by Steven Spielberg. It could have been a Disney, but it was that one...

And since then, his only obsession is to fill that giant white screen with moving pictures...

Jordi is now represented by an artistic agency in France : "agence artistique Marceline Lenoir"

On A.L.F., he has been an art director, but also a co-dialoguist, and attended the very long editing sessions.





  • Bittersweet Symphony : short - director
  • Les Larmes Blanches de Monsieur Ux : feature - director
  • Roots : short - co directed with Jérôme Lescure
  • Et ton ombre sur mon coeur ne sera plus qu'une blessure : short - director
  • J'ai rejoint le silence : short - director
  • Super 8 Birthdays : short - director, "best script" award at "défi jeunes 2001"


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