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The director


Jérôme Lescure


Director, writer

Born in 1974, on Mai 10th, in St-Etienne (France)

Since a very young age, Jérôme Lescure has been showing empathy towards animals, and has been fond of movies.

It is on the field that he will learn to direct and to edit films, his sensitivity pushing him towards animal-related subjects.

The future professionnal is also, at this time, a very concerned activist, regularly engaging in animal-rights activism, increasingly leading rescures and inquiries.

In 2004, he directs a controverted documentary : « Alinéa 3 », that has been broadcasted worldwide under the name "a two hour killing" to stand against bullfighting and corridas.

In 2006, Jérôme Lescure founded MINOTAURE FILMS, his association. He is now totally free and keeps engaging in projects that mean something to him, using his experience to serve his fight against the industrial exploitation of animals.

At this time, he directs TV Spots for french associations, supported by many french stars. Still engaged in his fight against bullfighting, he directed several videos against that form of crualty.

It is in 2007, that came the idea of a feature film, his first one.

This project, he will have to fight for it, alone at the beginning, but then surrounded by a very dedicated team, both humanly and artisticly.

The shooting begins in 2010, on february 15th. In october 2011, this first feature is finally complete : A.L.F., Animal Liberation Front.

The first theatrical release of A.L.F. is planned for 2012 november 7th

The movie has been, for now, selected and awared in many international festivals




Some of his filmography


  • ALINÉA 3, a 17 minutes-long documentary. Produced, directed, filmed, and edited by Jérôme Lescure :
     Official Selection in Manlleu 2005, and Bronze Medal at the "Coeur de Faune" Film Festival
     Broadcasted on many french channels
     Broadcasted internationnaly in 2008 by PETA (in the US and in the UK)
  • A SUMMER IN BELGRADE, Documentary
  • ROOTS Short (co-directed with Jordi Avalos)
  • 5 TV Spots for the french SPA (Society for the Protection of Animals)
  • Anti-corrida spots (broadcasted on many french channels)
  • Anti-corrida advertisement a campaign aiming to forbid bullfighting shows to less-than-16 years old minors
  • Several TV news
  • « clic animals » - Internet an advertisemend campain on the internet, on the radio, and on TV


ALF the movie